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Finding a primary care provider you can trust is the key to achieving optimal health and wellness. At PharmXhealthOne in Boynton Beach and on Worth Avenue on the island of Palm Beach, Florida, the expert wellness team offers comprehensive primary care services, including naturopathic medicine, to help you stay well using your body’s natural healing abilities. Schedule a primary care appointment with PharmXhealthOne by phone or online today.

What is primary care?

Primary care at PharmXhealthOne uses a naturopathic medicine approach, including natural therapies and medicines, to stimulate your body’s healing powers and help you maintain optimal health. Through individualized care, the PharmXhealthOne team treats the cause of your health issues, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.

What are the benefits of primary care at PharmXhealthOne?

You can reap numerous benefits by choosing primary care with the PharmXhealthOne team. You’re treated as a whole person, as your provider takes into account your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health when diagnosing health problems and developing treatment plans.

PharmXhealthOne providers focus on the 5 Essentials™ to healthy living, including:

  • Preventive care

  • Having the right mindset

  • Pure and good nutrition

  • Exercise and oxygen

  • Minimizing toxin exposure

You’re empowered and motivated to get better, while gaining knowledge about your body and current health conditions.


Why would I need primary care?

Primary care providers at PharmXhealthOne can diagnose and treat some of the following conditions:

  • Illnesses

  • Injuries

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Heart disease

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoporosis

  • Obesity

  • Stress, anxiety, or depression

  • Other chronic diseases

The PharmXhealthOne team evaluates and treats people of all ages. They provide urgent care services for non-life-threatening emergencies and offer same-day, next-day, and walk-in appointments. You also have a telemedicine option for virtual care and added convenience.

What should I expect during primary care appointments?

During primary care appointments at PharmXhealthOne, your provider checks your weight, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs. They review your medical history and symptoms and complete a comprehensive physical examination.

Your PharmXhealthOne specialist might recommend you undergo urine tests, blood tests, nasal or throat swabs, allergy tests, asthma testing, X-rays, CT scans, or other diagnostic testing procedures to detect or rule out specific health problems.

What are my primary care treatment options?

If you’re in good health, you may not require treatment, but you might choose preventive medicine services like vaccines. Some of the many primary care treatment options available at PharmXhealthOne include:

  • Medical weight loss

  • Custom meal plans

  • Body contouring

  • Medical nutrition therapy

  • IV therapy and vitamin shots

  • Medications & Nutraceuticals

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

  • Stem cell treatment

  • Vaccinations

  • Fitness programs

Receiving routine primary care services on a regular basis helps keep you and your entire family healthy and reduces the risk of developing medical complications.

To optimize wellness and maintain your health, trust the highly trained PharmXhealthOne team with your care. Schedule your next primary care appointment over the phone or book online today.

Primary Care

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