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About 38% of American workers say they experience fatigue at any given time. Although common, fatigue can negatively affect your quality of life, zapping your energy and focus. At PharmXhealthOne wellness center with convenient locations in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach, Florida, the team works with people of all ages to diagnose and treat fatigue, using safe, holistic measures of care. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office and speak with a friendly staff member or book online today.

What is fatigue?

Everyone feels tired from time-to-time, but if your symptoms persist or don’t respond to rest, you may have fatigue. Fatigue is a near-constant state of exhaustion. It usually develops over an extended period and lowers your energy levels, motivation, and ability to focus.

Without proper treatment, fatigue can negatively affect your quality of life and increase your risk of both physical and mental health problems.

What are some common causes of fatigue?

Fatigue can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of exercise or a side-effect of depression. In other instances, it points to a more serious underlying health problem. For example, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity can all have an effect on your energy levels and vitality.

If you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep but still experience fatigue, it’s important to seek professional medical help as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of fatigue?

The symptoms of fatigue vary depending on the underlying cause and severity. Common indications include:

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Chronic sleepiness

  • Muscle weakness

  • Slowed reflexes or responses

  • Impaired decision making

As fatigue gets worse, you might also experience bouts of depression, frustration, or irritability.

How is fatigue diagnosed?

To diagnose fatigue, your PharmXhealthOne provider conducts a physical and neurological exam, reviews your medical history, and asks about your lifestyle and symptoms.

To rule out underlying health problems such as a hormonal imbalance or diabetes, your provider also orders a comprehensive blood panel. Usually, these steps are enough to make a diagnosis.

How is fatigue treated?

At PharmXhealthOne the team offers several holistic, functional medicine treatments to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of fatigue. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, they might recommend:

  • Hormone replacement therapy - Hormone replacement therapy is a safe, effective treatment that uses synthetic or plant-based hormones to restore your body to balance. If your hormones are at healthy levels, you’re less likely to experience fatigue, mood swings, or brain fog.

  • IV vitamin therapy or vitamin shots - Sometimes, fatigue is due to a vitamin deficiency. If your comprehensive blood panel finds that you lack certain vitamins or nutrients, your provider might recommend IV vitamin therapy or vitamin shots. Both of these treatments administer vitamins and nutrients directly to your bloodstream. This process bypasses your digestive system altogether, ensuring your cells receive the maximum benefit provided by each supplement. Once your vitamins reach normal, healthy levels, you’re likely to feel much better and have more energy. If fatigue is preventing you from living your best life, schedule an appointment at PharmXhealthOne. Call the nearest office and speak with a friendly staff member or book a consultation online today.

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