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Functioning Medicine

Functional Medicine in Boynton Beach, FL & Palm Beach, FL
 Your body is a whole system, not a series of individual parts. Your body works together to help you function and enjoy life. The interdependence of how your body works is a key component of functional medicine.

What Is Functional Medicine?
Functional medicine is a revolutionary way to deliver healthcare. Treatment is patient-centered, focusing on you as an entire person, not a set of symptoms.

The Principles of Functional Medicine
There are six core principles which guide functional medicine healthcare providers. According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, these are the principles your functional medicine provider will use when treating you:

  • An understanding of the biochemical individuality of each human being, based on the concepts of genetic and environmental uniqueness


  • Awareness of the evidence that supports a patient-centered rather than a disease centered approach to treatment


  • Search for a dynamic balance among the internal and external body, mind, and spirit


  • Familiarity with the web-like interconnections of internal physiological factors


  • Identification of health as a positive vitality not merely the absence of disease emphasizing those factors that encourage the enhancement of a vigorous physiology


  • Promotion of organ reserve as the means to enhance the health span, not just the life span, of each patient


The Benefits of Functional Medicine
Functional medicine uses several treatment philosophies to provide you with excellent care. In addition to the core principles of functional medicine, your healthcare provider will also combine Western and Eastern medicine, alternative medicine, and scientific diagnostic techniques to deliver the best in healthcare.

How Functional Medicine Can Help You
You will notice an immediate difference between functional medicine and conventional medical care. With functional medicine you will enjoy:

  • More time with your medical provider, to discuss your health


  • Emphasis on environmental and genetic factors which may be affecting your health


  • Emphasis on lifestyle factors and modifications which can improve your health


To learn more about how functional medicine can help you enjoy wellness, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Rolando Alvarez at PharmXhealthOne. You can reach him in the Boynton Beach, FL, office by calling (561) 847-4654, or in Palm Beach, FL, by calling (561) 202-8427, so call now.

Doctor showing patient the effect of dementia on their brain
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