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Physical Exam

A regular physical exam is one of the most important things you can do to take control of your health. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a doctor for a physical, the team at PharmXhealthOne offers quality physical examinations from their offices in Boynton Beach and on Worth Avenue on the island of Palm Beach, Florida. For an annual physical, employment-related physical, or drug screens, call or schedule an appointment online with the team today.

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam, commonly referred to as a “physical,” refers to an assessment of your overall health and wellness. A physical exam can:

  • Assess your overall state of health

  • Assess any signs or symptoms of any disease

  • Monitor existing health problems

  • Identify your health risks, including risk for cancer

  • Answer any questions or concerns you have

  • Evaluate your mental health, including stress level, even a Brain Wave Analysis, if you desire.

  • Evaluate your medications

  • Encourage healthy habits

  • Build trust with your primary care provider

The team at PharmXhealthOne serves as the coordinator of your health care team. In the course of his examination, he may identify a need to refer you for diagnostic services or to specialists to prevent, diagnose, or treat your health concerns.

Are there different types of physical exams?

At PharmXhealthOne, the team offers several types of physical exams, including:

  • Traditional physical exam - A traditional physical exam checks your overall health and wellness. It presents an opportunity to build a relationship with your PharmXhealthOne provider. During a physical, your provider observes your ears, nose, throat, and eyes, asks you about any unusual symptoms you’re experiencing, and orders laboratory testing, including a complete blood count (CBC).

  • Employment physical and drug screening - Many businesses in the construction, warehouse, and trucking sectors ask employees to participate in pre-employment physicals. A pre-employment physical ensures you’re healthy and physically fit enough to perform the duties required of the job. These same businesses might also require pre-employment drug screening. A drug screening uses a blood sample or urinalysis to detect illicit substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin.

  • Sports physical exam - If you or your child participates in organized sports, you might need a sports physical prior to the start of a new season. A sports physical is activity-specific and provides guidance on injury prevention and uncovering risk factors that could trigger an illness during physical activity.


What does a physical exam entail?

Your physical exam is specific to your health history, your individual symptoms or concerns, your health risks, and the purpose of your physical. In general, a physical exam includes:

  • Assessment of major body systems

  • Vision and hearing testing

  • Updated health history

  • Skin assessment

  • Weight and height

  • Routine blood work

  • Urinalysis

Depending on your age, health history, increased risks, or symptoms, your PharmXhealthOne provider may order additional blood work, medications, cancer screenings, or EKG.

If it’s time to schedule a physical exam, make an appointment at PharmXhealthOne. Call the nearest office and speak with a friendly staff member or book a consultation online today.

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