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David Peterson, APRN, ND

Family Nurse Practitioner located in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Island, & Port Saint Lucie, FL

David Peterson, APRN, ND, is a family nurse practitioner at premier wellness center PharmXhealthOne, with locations in Boynton Beach, on Worth Avenue on the island of Palm Beach, and in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. David has over 20 years of experience in diagnosing and prescribing treatment plans for infants, teens, adults, and geriatrics with a wide range of conditions.

Graduating as a registered nurse in 1992 from Florida International University, it only took three years of work inside South Florida's hospitals to convince David it was time to become a nurse practitioner and take (some) control of prescription healthcare. He got his master's degree from Florida Atlantic University as a member of the Nursing Honors Society in 1997.

Since 1996, David has specialized in Age Management and Integrative Medicine. Finding his niche in interventional endocrinology, David believes a big key to health is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is a prescription dose of growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, as well as thyroid, adrenals, and other hormones.

David was trained in longevity therapies by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; in immunology by Russell Jaffee, Ph.D.; functional medicine by Jeffrey Bland, MD; as well IV nutrition by Drs. Wright and Gaby. With his extensive experience, David understands the scope of treatment involved in building a regiment that incorporates multiple elements of advanced, prevention-based health care. He has also prepared multiple instruction documents addressing specific patient concerns in this area of medical care.

David believes the best strategy to promote personal health is to instill a sense of responsibility for people’s own health. The United States Public Health Service promotes the Healthy People 2010 program with an emphasis on prevention, rather than just treatment, of health problems.

This is “health-care focus”, not “illness-focused care” – the time for health care to move beyond merely saving lives.

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